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Eric Wenger bryce gallery
Possible Places
The 16 min movie presented at my 1996 Mancas Festival concert piece, created entirely with MetaSynth and Bryce, now available in real media !
"Fractal Dome"
"Land Art Serie n°=1"
I have started a new series of "virtual" land art installations. All are done 100% in Bryce. I would love to have submissions from other Bryce Artist on the same theme.
"Land Art Serie n°=2"
"Land Art Serie n°=3"
Rendered during the day and at sunset. Fluorescent pigments are painted on the rocks. During the day they are covered by colored plastic shapes.
"Land Art Serie n°=4"
The foreground sculpture is actually taken from one of the metasynth sounds preset :)

"Alien Artifact n°=1"
Planet name and artifacts nature or function unknown...
"Alien Artifact n°=2"
Same scene viewed from two different angles. Planet name and artifacts nature and function unknown...
Sky study
Inspired by a photography taken in the Nevada desert. The reality is so incredibly rich and strange,it is the ultimate source of inspiration.
Tree valley
Another attempt to include earthlike vegetation in Bryce. The trees maps are done in the "Tree" software.
Desert study
When nothing much is there, you are left with this amazing feeling of immensity.
Painted Cavern
J Pollock may have loved that place. Unfortunately its filled with alien eggs and the entrance is severely restricted...
War temple arches
Another point of view on the temple, from the ground.


War temple
Definitively not now and/or not on our planet. Are religious wars possible within advanced civilizations? probably not since there is no point to fight for fantasies. But a society may be more advanced technologically than philosophically...
The maps of the temple were done in Photoshop and pasted on symmetric lattices.
War temple
A ground view of the same building. Huge.
Boolean Cathedral
Playing boolean legos with Bryce... Pretty empty place. Has anybody an idea of what to put inside?
City's gate
A bunch of vacuum tubes provide ultra fast access to the city... City buildings are just 3 terrains. I have recycled here some of the temple pillars. It might be the same planet after all.

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